Administrative employees are the backbone of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. They perform the types of tasks necessary for companies to function, but which can be too time-consuming for managers to perform. Employees who handle administrative tasks in small companies can be just as important as those in large companies. Having an administrative team on board in your organization can free you up to focus on tasks directly related to growing your company, rather than being bogged down by administrative details.

Service How does it help the client?How do we solve the problem?
Administrative SupportIt lessens the amount of time they need to spend on phone calls, emails, letter writing, preparing presentations, managing files, and other administrative task that would otherwise be assigned to an Administrative Assistant. WSC takes full responsibility for implementing processes and procedures that will allow the flow of work to be done effectively within a timely manner to satisfy the stakeholders.
Meeting & Event ManagementIt allows our clients to spend time on preparing the content for the event instead of focusing on the logistics. On-site they have an opportunity to participate in the event without worrying about what’s happening behind the scenes.WSC manages the entire event process from planning to implementation. We develop a detailed checklist and timeline for the event and provide periodic updates to the client. On-site we manage the logistics and work with the venue staff to ensure a smooth registration process and a successful program.  l
Membership ManagementOur clients can focus on building relationships with their members without having to deal with the administrative tasks such as database management and billing. The leaders can focus on ways to grow their membership and determine benefits for them and not worry about implementation. WSC increases the chances of continuity for an organization when it establishes processes and procedures that are followed systematically. These systems ensure the smooth flow of communication between the leadership and the members.
BookkeepingOur clients are informed monthly of their financial position and activities in order to make sound decisions when it comes to developing and implementing programs, spending money and charitable giving.WSC closely monitors the organization’s financial accounts, records accurate transactions, and prepares monthly statements to ensure the financial stability of the organization.
Media/CommunicationsIt further develops the brand of the organization by allowing them to share their mission and purpose across the world. The organization can reach prospective members and donors by providing consistent and immediate information about their programs and activities.  WSC creates, produces and manages the organization’s marketing channels (i.e. website and social media pages) and materials (i.e. newsletters, brochures) to ensure accuracy and freshness.


541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
561110 - Office Administrative Services
561410 - Document Preparation Services
561920 - Convention and Trade Show Organizers