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WSC Associates, LLP (WSC) is an administrative support and event services company providing expertise in all areas of administration that involves managing an organization. Our mission is to use customized processes and procedures along with our knowledge of technology to communicate and perform consistently to ensure that organizations operate efficiently and effectively. Our employees are empowered to use their time and talent to seek ways to partner with our customers in order to understand and exceed the customers’ expectations. Our goal is steady growth, annual profitability and maintaining an above standard level of knowledge in the field of administration.


To build an administrative team that will use the latest in technology to provide administrative support and event services to small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. With the use of the internet, cloud sharing, email, and other communication tools, WSC will be the ‘one-stop’ shop for organizations that are seeking to save money in the areas of salaries, benefits and other business expenses. We will provide administrative support that will support the maintenance of the organization’s infrastructure and create continuity. Our employees will feel empowered with the knowledge and skill to serve our clients and the client will feel the dedication of the entire WSC staff.

Sharene Cook

Sharene Alexis Cook Sharene Alexis Cook, General Partner and President of WSC Associates, LLP (WSC), is passionate about providing excellent service for a reasonable cost to her clients. She has more than 25 years of administrative experience that includes human resources, event management, document production, office organization, and bookkeeping. Mrs. Cook’s 25 year career in the workforce provided her the opportunity to work with several worldwide companies such as Mercer Consulting, Dominion Dental, Edelman Public Relations, and Ernst & Young. In March of 2004, she and her husband, founded WSC. Their focus was to create a company that would offer professional quality service to small nonprofits and businesses for a cost that would accommodate their budgets. As the President of WSC, Mrs. Cook oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Her responsibilities also include business development, sales & marketing, and fostering client relationships. Her accomplishments include writing and implementing policies and procedures for world-wide organizations, monitoring budgets, creating and maintaining a variety of databases, creating presentations and company newsletters, and developing and implementing administrative training programs.